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The official result for the January ARRL International Grid Chase is now out. Having allowed ten days for January logs to be submitted, the ARRL have now locked the scores in to the computer and it turns out those extra ten days brought me some more confirmed contacts. My actual placing was 6,684th out of 22,121 entrants, placing me inside the top third of entrants (30.2% up from the 33.5% the system reported on the 1st February).┬áIt goes without saying that I’m really happy with this.

Provisional results for February

As of today the ARRL Grid Chase web site is showing me ranked as 3,358th out of 21,044 entrants (top 17%). There are still six days to go for the February logs to be submitted, so I’m expecting that there’ll be a drop in those figures as the other results come in.

Poor start to March

Given that I’ve had less time to operate so far this month, I’d expected logging to be a bit slower, but FT8 activity seems to be well down this month. I expect conditions are probably something to do with this, but nearby contacts seem to be down too. We’ll see how this progresses.

Keep an eye on my results

You can track my progress on my ARRL International Grid Chase results page.