GB1PSG Porthmadog 2018 Scouts JOTA amateur radio special event station

Derek (G7LFC) and Alison (M6COV), members of the Quantum Technology Club, are both off to Porthmadog this weekend to help run the town’s Scout JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) event.

JOTA is a worldwide annual event that gives young folk of all ages the opportunity to experience various methods of wireless communication for themselves and obtain their Radio Communications badge.

This year Derek and Alison will be taking some Morse Key kits with them for the scouts to build. These simple kits consist of a buzzer, cable tie and a battery and enable the participants to build a key and then practice sending and receiving Morse code between themselves.

In addition to the input from the members of the Quantum Technology Club, members of the Meirion Amateur Radio Society and Porthmadog & District Amateur Radio Society will be running an amateur radio station so that the youngsters can talk to Scouts at other groups around the country and, should conditions be acceptable, around the world. The callsign in use will be GB1PSG and should be on the air both on the Saturday (20th) and Sunday (21st September).