Space Weather Woman HF propagation forecasts

Interested in HF propagation? Not got a degree in astro-physics to be able to understand the complicated tables that accompany traditional predictions?

I’ve just discovered a YouTube channel for the dummies, like me, who are interested in HF propagation and want to know what solar conditions are going to be like for the next week, but can’t be bothered reading the highly detailed tables that accompany traditional forecasts.

Enter Tamitha Skov, a.k.a. Space Weather Woman. Her weekly video explains what’s happening on the sun and how it will affect amateur radio operators and informs photographers where in the world they need to be prepared to capture auroras.

Apparently, less stormy conditions over the coming week may result in better propagation for us. Thank goodness for that because even FT8 contacts have been a bit thin on the ground this last few weeks compared to February.