The new Netatmo weather station was installed during the spring and has been under test for several months to see how it tracks the Met Office’s current weather reports for Crosby, our nearest station. The results have been good to-date and, as a result, I have today started to publish my real-time, daily and historical data.

Netatmo weather station modules deployed

Netatmo weather station
Netatmo weather station

The main outdoor unit is located on the back of a non-heated shed, in the shadow of some tall conifers. Short of installing a Stevenson Screen, this was the best location I could find to prevent false temperature readings during the summer and the many long days of sunshine (tongue firmly in cheek) we have enjoyed.

Having said that, I have designed a cost-effective Stevenson Screen that I may well have an experiment with during the winter and install in the spring.

The rain gauge is as obstruction free as I could get it and it seems to be recording pretty accurately. It is of the tipping-spoon variety which can be susceptible to false readings if mounted on something that vibrates – the fence it is mounted on is uPVC which fits very solidly inside the concrete posts.

The anemometer has been purchased and is awaiting installation on a tall pole – that to is on-site and waiting to be mounted to the garage in as clearer air as possible. It contains no moving parts, instead using ultrasound technology to determine wind speed and direction.

Located inside the house is the main control unit that constantly uploads its data to the Netatmo servers to be shared on their website and my pages. It also measures pressure and gives me useful information on the environment inside the radio shack – I now know when to open a window to recirculate the air.