Amateur Radio is a fascinating and exciting technical hobby for people of all ages (7 to 107+).

Amateur Radio – A very popular technical hobby

The hobby is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Whilst some amateur radio amateur operators are professionals in their field, many are not and share a thirst for technical knowledge and a desire to implement it.

Amateur Radio – Lots of different activities and interests

Not all amateur radio operators enjoy the same aspects of the hobby and there are a lot of them. Here’s a list of just just some of the things amateur radio operators enjoy…

  • Communicating with other amateur radio operators around the world and even out in to space
  • Designing and/or building electronic equipment
  • Designing and/or engineering effective antennas
  • Programming computers and devices
  • Experimenting with space weather and radio wave propagation
  • Experimenting with low power equipment to make the most efficient radio stations possible
  • Getting fit walking up hills and mountains
  • Testing your navigation skills
  • Producing and broadcasting video films
  • Linking computers over thousands of miles to share messages, files and images
  • Building wide area networks around the globe
  • Establishing and/or operating emergency communications networks in times of trouble
  • Supporting sporting and community events by providing radio safety cover
  • Sharing their knowledge with others
  • Competing against themselves and/or others through contests and challenges

Getting started in Amateur Radio

Back in the early to mid-twentieth century many amateur radio enthusiasts were either professional electronics engineers, or practicing radio operators in the army, navy, air force, coast-guard, or merchant navy. However, since then the balance has changed and more people are entering the hobby as really enthusiastic amateurs with a love for technology.

Find a local club

As a result it’s probably more important than ever that those new to the hobby find themselves a local and friendly club that are full of people that enjoy different aspects of amateur radio.

Start a training course

Building on the Foundation

Take part in Brickworks

Practice makes perfect