PMR 446 (Personal Mobile Radio on 446MHz) is a wireless radio communications system that can be used, unlike most other forms of radio communicatiomns, without having to first obtain a licence. It is a Europe-wide system that can be used in over thirty countries that have joined CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) without restriction providing the equipment adheres to the PMR446 standard specifications.

PMR446 was first introduced in Ireland in 1998 and arrived in the UK the following year. Intended users of PMR446 equipment, which are designed to be cheap and easy to use, are individuals, families, groups and small businesses that want to communicate amongst themselves using voice.

Having obtained PMR446 users are free to use them forever without having to purchase annual licenses or pay any subscriptions to anyone.

PMR466 equipment has a typical range of up to 6km, but this very much depends on local  (actual PMR446 coverage depends on terrain
and environment) and where GSM signals can be patchy. Another benefit of PMR446 is that compliant
equipment may be used in the following