I have upgraded my amateur radio computer from a Windows 10 PC to a Mac recently and it’s working pretty well. Apart from the annoying error that kept popping up every time I loaded WSJT-X, “Invalid ADIF header“.

It was a brand new installation, but it was telling me every time I loaded the software that there was an error scanning the ADIF log and that I had an invalid ADIF header.

Thanks to GM4FVM’s similar issue on a Windows computer (just before anyone starts casting aspersions on my lovely little Mac Mini) the problem was resolved in a flash.

For some reason, when WSJT-X 2.2.2 creates a new ADIF log file, the header of the log file reads:

WSJT-X ADIF Export<eh>

It should read:

WSJT-X ADIF Export<eoh>

Fixing it is simple enough…

  1. Select the “Open Log Directory” option from the File menu.
  2. In the file manager window that appears right-click over the file called “wsjtx_log.adi” and select the “Open with” option from the popup-menu that appears.
  3. Click over your favourite text editor and not a word processor, that will save the file as a formatted document.
  4. Make the change above – it’s on the first line of the log file.
  5. Save the file and quit your text editor.

That’s it, launch WSJT-X and the problem should no longer appear.

Do be aware though, the problem will return if you create a log file and you’ll have to apply this fix again. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update some time soon.

Thanks again and all credit to GM4FVM’s quick fix.